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Vedic Astrology Lesson 20

The present fascination with the Psychic and the Occult owes a lot to
Einstein whose Theory of Relativity altered guy's idea of deep space.
The whole Universe is a 4 dimensional Space-Time continuum, with the
3 measurements of Area and the 4th measurement of Time. Time, not
Area; Mind, not Matter ended up being the formula of the philosophical.

Concerning the Sixth Home

The Sixth Home represents opponents and injuries. This is a crucial
home as opponents can ruin our mental peace. Although philosophically
the Enemy is an active partner and is the contractor of the stamina
in guy, virtually he can make us weep with his machinations! Thus a
effective Sixth lord is required; if the sixth home is weak or aspected
by malefics, we are bound to suffer.

The very best Yoga for the damage of opponents is Jupiter in the Ascendant &
the North Node in the sixth. This is likewise referred to as Ashta Lakshmi Yoga.
This Yoga will erase opponents!

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Ascendant

If the Sixth lord remains in the ascendant, the local will be rash & daring
and end up being hostile to own individuals. He/she might sign up with Defence or might be
a prison superintendent. They might be fretted by some type of illness.
This concern might be imaginary. They might be afflicted by opponents. Their
virtues might make them honourable prior to the general public. They might be out
of control if they are not well directed throughout youth. Unless
unfavorable aspects in them are not managed, they might sign up with a criminal

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Second Home

Because the Sixth lord remains in the Second, the local will be resourceful and will
reside in a location where he/she are more surrounded by opponents than fri-
ends. They are workaholics. They have incredible interaction
capabilities which they will utilize to their benefit. They understand ways to talk
their method to the top. They are constantly unstable about limited financial
resources & monetary conditions. They require not stress over health.

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Third Home

Because the Sixth lord remains in the Third, the local might need to deal with incredible
enmity & non-cooperation from neighbours. It makes them upset and
lose self-confidence. It will be complete scale war if they encounter somebody they
love. It is rather most likely that there will be enmity with more youthful co-borns.
Neighbours end up being hostile & they might need to face their rage. They
are constantly distressed by the machinations of their opponents.

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the 4th Home

Considering that the Sixth lord remains in the Fourth, the local might not have much joy
from his/her mom. He/she will be an achieved raconteur. They will
be smart sufficient making stories. They have a fundamental subconscious
worry of losing mom's love which in turn produces a huge psychological
complex in them. Education gets interrupted. Individuals believe they are
strong minded which is not real. Difficulties through servants suggested.

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Fifth Home

As the Sixth lord remains in the 5th, the local will go through alarming vicissi-
tudes. They are rather efficient in looking after their self interest.
The environment in your home might not be smooth enough. Their maternal
uncle might assist them. Due to tension extreme they might ruin all ties
with family members and fall under a an unfortunate neurosis which is abnormal to their
typical design of working. They are humourous & strong willed.

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Sixth Home

Considering that the Sixth lord remains in Sixth, professional and contra groups will work
anywhere the native works. They go & achieve stamina to combat their
enemies.Their inner conscience disputes versus their external actions.
They will be blessed by conveyances and they will have great
durability. Opponents present issues however eventually they victory.
Financial obligations will not difficulty them as the Sixth lord is effective. They
will recuperate from diseases due to the sixth lord's stamina.

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Seventh Home

Because the Sixth lord remains in 7th, the local will be shocked by the
distinction in between reality & the marital life which he/she dreamt.
It is most likely that they will wed from within their household. Their
maternal uncle might live abroad. They hate day dreaming. Clashes
with life partner likely.

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Eighth Home

Considering that the Sixth lord remains in the 8th, enmity boosts from the local's
partners. They require regard which they might not receive from the
individuals they handle. The unfavorable position of the Sixth lord can
provide illness and financial obligations which can be avoided if taken care of in
time. They might go through the machinations of opponents. Opponents
might go in for a project of character assassination to ruin their

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Ninth Home

Considering that the Sixth lord remains in 9th, the local's expert fortunes will be
based on serious transpositions. Misconceptions develop in between
them and their father.That they are completely various from their
opponents will be revealed by Fate through various events.
Eventually they victory over their opponents with the touch of poetic
justice.Their dad will be rather distinguished. Their opponents will be
tricked & their buddies will take advantage of their association with them.

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Tenth Home

Because the Sixth lord remains in 10th, they are bound to be effective in
foreign countries/far away lands. They will be enhanced with the
present of articulate speech. Their ancestral buildings which they
acquired will go through lawsuits and conflicts. They are adepts
at management & it will shock numerous how they accomplish their outcomes
and manage their adversaries.They constantly exercise their will power
& develop supremacy.

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Eleventh Home

Because the Sixth lord remains in the 11th, they will acquire a lot from opponents
and obtain wealth consequently. Their partner remains in the practice of spending
more than they make. Because their degree of versatility is huge,
they will adjust to the financial overindulgence of their partner. Opponents
who worked versus them now understand that they are more effective
than exactly what they believed & that they are powerful enemies.

The Result of the Sixth Lord in the Twelfth Home

Considering that the Sixth lord remains in the 12th, the native ends up being a sadist taking

enjoyment in abusing other beings. Their harmful power assists
to obliterate their opponents. They are not in any method reluctant to
invest largesse and effort on things which the ethical avoid.
Individual complete satisfaction is their slogan & they trouble not about Principles
& Morality. They accept any hedonism that attract them &
which excites their feelings. They will go through significant
persecution from their opponents.

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Astrology & Astro-Numerology

It is tough to think that numbers can represent Truth. Infinity
represents the Ultimate Reality and Infinity is a countless Number!
Numerology, for that reason, is another interesting science, which is
worth studying.

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In Numerology there are numerous system. Another school of Numerology
existed based upon the Crucial Number. This number is represented by a
Secret world and this world ends up being the essential one as far as this branch of
Numerology is worried.

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Astrology & Astro-Gemology

Noteworthy Gemologist Richard Shaw Brown specifies in his book" Celestial
Gems and Talismans" that there are 5 fundamental techniques for
selecting gems in classical Astro-Gemology.

1) The Zodiacal Moon Indication
2) The BIrth Constellational lord
3) The Increasing Indication or the Ascendant
4) Choice of the Native
5) Prescription of a Sidereal Astrologist

The 5th or the last technique, he states, is the most powerful method to select
gems for their powers.

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Synastry or Compatibility in between Couples.

Whether 2 horoscopes work or not is inspected
by Sidereal Astrology. The Compatiblity software application checks the
compatibility of couples and, in some civilizations, compatibility
is a prerequiste for marital relationship!

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Astrology & the Fourfold Yoga (The Science of Cosmic Union )

The accomplishment of the Unfavorable Ability (the accomplishment of
Equanimity) is the objective of Yoga." Equanimity is Yoga" (Samathwam
Yoga Uchyathe). Equanimity of mind in the middle of joy and sadness,
defeat and success, appreciation and calumny! The genuine Yogi is he who is
equanimous in both success & difficulty!

He who to none and no place overbound
By ties of flesh, takes wicked things and great
Neither desponding nor exulting such
Bears Knowledge's simplest mark!

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Astrology & Occult Vibratory Chemistry (Tantra )

The 5 Great Aspects (Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Ether) & Mind live
in the 6 Chakras.

Earth-Principle lives in the Root Chakra
Water-Principle lives in the Navel Chakra
Fire-Principle lives in the Solar Plexus Chakra
Air-Principle lives in the Heart Chakra
Ether-Principle lives in the Throat Chakra
Mind-Principle lives in the Eye Eyebrow Chakra.

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Astrology & Quantum (Holistic) Medication

In his essay" Self Recovery ", Dr Naras Bhat composes that" the ability
of self-healing provides us 3 unique advantages: tension control, moving
the momentum from degenerative conditions & aging to regrowth,
and accomplishing our optimum self with imagination. We can go to the very best
physician in the area and get the very best tablets, however the last recovery needs to occur
by the forces of nature acting upon our mind-body."

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Books - The Method to Paradise

It is stated that the scholar remains in a world of his own, boosted by the
works of the Ascended Ones & raised by the art of the Poet!

The scholar and the world, the unlimited strife
The discord in the consistencies of life!
The love of knowing, the sequestered nooks,
And the sweet calmness of books,
The marketplace location, excited love for gain
Whose aspire is Vanity, whose end is discomfort!

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Short article by G Kumar, Astrologist, author & developer of Just recently he was granted a Certification by the Planetary Gemologists Association Global ( as a Planetary Gem Consultant. He has 25 years psychic research study experience in the mystical arts. To sign up for his totally free helpful Ezine, the Z Files His Astro blog site is up at & his Viewpoint blog site is Mobile 091 938855605 3|He/she will be an achieved raconteur. Financial obligations will not difficulty them as the Sixth lord is effective. It is most likely that they will wed from within their household.

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