The Origins Of The Tarot de Marseilles

About the origin of the Tarot de Marseilles, we understand couple of things however we can nevertheless state that the Tarot de Marseille play appeared in France under the reign of the king Charles VI.

When this bad king ended up being ridiculous, he was secured in a castle by his other half Isabeau of Bavaria.

She supplied him a girlfriend, Odette de Champdivert, who provided a deck of Tarot cards to him.

In reality, these Tarot cards were made up by 56 pieces of paperboard embellished with figures and indications. This play was utilized by Sarasins in the Eastern nations.

Charles VI asked to Jacquemin Gringonneur to redraw the figures in order to make them look prettier.

Some claim that the very first illuminations of the cards appeared in Italy throughout the 16 th century however the work of Jacquemin Gringonneur is indexed on the journal of Charles VI ' s lender (15th century).

The Tarot we spoke about here was not a legal Tarot however well a card play; which still exists and is still utilized in Mediterranean nations as a basic cards play.

Considering That there are no files developing the year when the Tarot cards were developed, the viewpoints are divided and the specialists hardly ever concur in between them.

The divinatory "" Tarot de Marseilles"" was born from the play provided to Charles VI. Twenty-two significant arcana were associated to the fifty-six standard cards (small arcana). Fortune-tellers utilize more significant arcana than the small arcana.

The graphics of the Tarot de Marseilles look middle ages design and show completely the issues of our ancientors, who were really superstitious and translated all exactly what they saw.

Here are the 22 significant arcana:

I. The Magician,

II. The High Priestess,

III. The Empress,

IIII. The Emperor *,

V. The Pope,

VI. The Lovers,

VII. The Chariot,

VIII. Justice,

VIIII. The Hermit *,

X. The Wheel of Fortune,

XI. Strength,

XII. The Hanged Guy,

XIII. Death or (The No Name Arcana)

XIIII. Temperance *,

XV. The Devil,

XVI. The Tower,

XVII. The Star,

XVIII. The Moon,

XVIIII. The Sun *,

XX. Judgment,

XXI. The World,

XXII. The Fool **

* for instance, category "" IIII"" and not "" IV"" highlights the development of the Tarot de Marseilles play.

** The Fool is the 22 nd arcana however is usually not numbered.

The 56 small arcana are divided into 4 matches:

- Spears,

- Cups,

- Coins,

- Swords

that include each 14 cards that are numbered from 1 to 10, or Ace through 10 and 4 worthy cards; which are: the Page, the Knight, the Queen and the King.

Throughout the Middle-Ages and later on, these matches were connected with the social classes: Coins with the Traders, Cups with the Clergy, Swords with the Nobility and Spears with the Peasants.


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