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Metal Slug 6 go back to the Rebel-Martian alliance included in Metal Slugs 2, X, and 3, however on a much wider scale. Instead of duplicating the previous video games' occasions of the Martians breaking the alliance and the Rebels helping the gamer in turn, the gamer now partner with the Rebels and Martians to fight an even higher danger.

There are now 2 modes of play the gamer can select from right at the start: Easy and Hard. Easy mode reduces the problem of the video game and alters the gamer's default weapon to the Heavy Gatling gun; nevertheless, the video game ends right before the 5th and last objective.

Just like previous installations, Metal Slug 6 includes a variety of brand-new Slugs in addition to a brand-new weapon, the Zantetsu Sword, which enables the gamer's melee weapon to release deadly energy waves that can reduce the effects of opponent firepower.

New methods are now present, triggered through specific button mixes. Characters can now discard one weapon power-up's worth of ammo, to offer to the other gamer or just dispose of entirely. A secondary melee attack is likewise offered. On the other hand, the moving method from Metal Slug 5 has actually been eliminated, and gamers other than Fio and Ralf just get half as much ammunition for unique weapons.

Metal Slug 6 presents a brand-new play mechanic called the 'Weapon Stock System'. 2 weapon power-ups can now be brought at the exact same time. Gamers can change in between the 2 weapons, or basically them both away in favor of the default weapon. When acquiring a brand-new weapon power-up, it will immediately inhabit the non-active slot, or, if both are holstered, change the less current weapon of the 2.

Ball game is now increased by powers of 2. The faster the speed at which opponents are eliminated, the greater the power, as a meter at the bottom of the screen reveals. When it states "Max" opponents and destructible items will drop coins for an additional high rating.


The variety of playable characters has actually broadened for the very first time because Metal Slug 2; the initial group of Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto and Fio Germi is signed up with by beginners Ralf Jones and Clark Still of King of Fighters and Ikari Warriors popularity.

As a series initially, each playable character now has his/her own distinct characteristics. The quantity of ammo gotten from weapons, protective capability of cars, and running speed differ from individual to individual, each of whom have an unique capability:

Marco: His default weapon (Handgun on Hard, Heavy Gatling gun on Easy) has two times the common strength.

Tarma: While riding in or on a Slug, resilience and the impacts of power-ups are doubled; furthermore, the vulcan cannon's power is increased by 50%. He likewise can utilizing Vulcan Repair when on or in any car.

Fio: Starts each objective with the Heavy Gatling gun (on Easy mode, she starts with the Huge Heavy Gatling gun from Metal Slug X and 3). Weapon supply is likewise increased by 50%.

Eri: Gets two times as numerous grenades upon beginning or resupplying. When tossing, she can intend in a particular instructions.

Ralf: Melee attack speed is doubled, at the cost of weapon and grenade materials being cut in half. He can likewise utilize the unique "galactica phantom" attack, melee strikes efficient in harmful automobiles. Can take 2 hits from many attacks prior to losing a life. Finally, he is the only character able to harm automobiles and bigger opponents with his melee attacks.

| He is the only character able to harm automobiles and bigger opponents with his melee attacks.

Clark: Gets an additional possibility at start of respawn. He can perform his 'Super Argentine Backbreaker' versus many non-vehicle opponents; utilizing it on a susceptible target grants him momentary invincibility throughout and after the relocation, while making generous quantities of points that increase with each extra opponent tossed.

When all 4 objectives are finished on Easy mode, the video game states "To be continued", indicating that the video game should be used Difficult mode to continue with the last objective.

New Slugs

The Metal Slug, Type-R Metal Slug, Slug Leaflet and a Slug Gunner model make a look in the video game, in addition to some brand-new ones.

Roba Slug: A donkey with an installed vulcan cannon. Like all animal slugs, the donkey offers no security to the rider. In the future in the level, the Donkey Slug obtains a two-wheeled out-house cart installed with a Metal Slug cannon that changes the gamer's grenade with metal slug cannon shots.

Mister Slug: A multi-purpose below ground digger in addition to a helicopter. It has retractable drills left wing, right, and bottom sides, which are utilized to drill into the earth, and sports 2 vulcan cannons, which can likewise be utilized to drill through things by shooting bullets into the dirt. The gamers can not leave the slug, neither can they carry out the metal slug attack with it. If the slug digger is ruined, the gamer is eliminated. Its cannon shot is a mine that remains in location up until an opponent touches it or it is shot.

Proto Gunner: It resembles the Slug Gunner from MS5, however it has no melee attack, it does not have tank mode, and the gamer is exposed to opponent attacks. Its vulcan cannon is more like that of the Metal Slug. And it has actually vulcan repair system.

Rootmarks: Formerly the last manager in MS3. The cannon is a shockwave originating from Rootmarks's brain which eliminates all opponents. If you ride him, you see a various ending where he rather of Morden conserves the gamer.


The PS2 variation of Metal Slug 6 included additional functions:

Art Gallery - Idea Art of Metal Slug 1 to 6.

Sound Gallery - Music from Metal Slug 1 to 6.

Video game Options - Consisting of problem, lives, and violence setting (on: red blood and gore for soldiers and for the brand-new aliens, their gore remain on the ground soon prior to vanishing.) 2 cheats can likewise be opened: limitless ammo and bombs.

Battle School - A customized variation of Game Mode where abilities are evaluated.

Metal Slug Anthology has actually an imitated variation of Metal Slug 6 consisted of on the disc.

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