Transforming Your Mountain bicycle to 1×9 or 1×10

With the introduction of broad tailored cassettes for 9 and 10 speed mountain bicycle (11-34 or 11-36 is typical) you might discover the equipments on your 27 or 30 speed bike are too close together. This leads to excessive time squandered moving in between equipments and redundant equipment ratios. Invest less time moving (and tuning your front derailleur) and more time riding!A 1X conversion includes eliminating all the front moving systems and extraneous chainrings. Among the enjoyable adverse effects of a 1X setup is the weight lost by eliminating 2 front chainrings, front derailleur, shifter, and cable television. You'll have to reduce your chain, include a chain retention gadget, and ideally change to a brief cage rear derailleur.1 X drivetrains put more focus into pedaling than moving. If your granny equipment gets too difficult, stand and crank on the pedals. You will be amazed at how high a hill you can get up with a 34 or 36 tooth granny equipment and a 30-36 tooth front chainring. You'll likewise get up those hills much quicker than your friend who will be crawling along at strolling speed spinning like insane with his basic granny/granny setup.The conversion


  1. Eliminate front shifter and front derailleur, toss them in the "I'll truly never ever require that however I conserve all my old bike parts" bin.
  2. Eliminate Small and Big chainrings from you crank. You might have to eliminate the crank to do so and you might require some little spacers or much shorter bolts to re-install your middle ring.
  3. Set up brief cage rear derailleur (optional, however you truly do not require all the travel that the long cage derailleurs deal and a brief cage keeps your chain tensioned much better)
  4. Reduce chain
  5. Select a chain retention gadget. Normally, the front derailleur gets the job done of keeping the chain from flying off the front chain rings, with it eliminated, we'll require something else to take it's location. Some individuals have fantastic success sandwiching the chainring with 2 celebration guards. Others choose a clamp-on chain overview of keep the chain more protected. This is the only part of the conversion that includes any weight at all, so ensure you select a chain retention system that enhances your weight cost savings.


Changing to a 1X setup on your mountain bicycle will make your bike quicker, lighter, easier. It's certainly a great deal. The only drawback I can think about in my experience with 1X9 and 1x10 is that you cannot pedal any faster than 25-30mph (depending upon the tailoring you select). However truly, this is mountain cycling!|Truly, this is mountain cycling! Any faster than that and you ought to simply be cruising anyhow. Have a good time!

| Transforming Your Mountain Bike to 1x9 or 1x10

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