Transform portion to portion

A part of a whole are called portion. In mathematics, easy portions can be including minimum 2 numbers. The numerator defined as leading number. The denominator defined as bottom number. Program the portion kind offered as below,

Numerator/ Denominator

A mathematical expression relating numbers or 2 amounts, one divided by the other called as portion. Fix a basic portion is absolutely nothing however it is streamline the portion utilizing math operation like addition, subtraction, increasing, and dividing. Here we are visiting about ways to resolve a basic portion

In this page we are going to go over about Convert portion to portion concept.Before that see the intro to Transform portion to portion.

Percent: percent is specified as one of the part of hundred.

Marry scored 88 % of marks in yearly examination.

Portion: A part of an entire thing is called as portion. It resembles, if a cake divided into 4 parts then those parts are called portion in mathematics ([1/4]).

Altering of portion to portion is done by dividing the offered number and a decimal worth is gotten as an outcome. Increase the outcome with 100 then the option is altered from portion to portion.

The best ways to transform portions to portions

Below are the actions for transforming portions to portions:

We need to transform the denominator part of the portion to 100.
We increase by 100 both the numerator and denominator and streamline.

Example: The best ways to Transform the portion 12 to portion

Option: We just increase both the numerator and denominator by 100 and do the cacellations.

12×100100= 1 ×1002×100=-LRB- *******) =-LRB- *******************) %The denominator is 2. 100 divided by 2 is 50.

Resolved Examples

Let us resolve some example issue to discover ways to transform portions to portion:

Ex 1: The best ways to Transform portion 18 to portion.

Sol: We increase 100 with both the numerator and denominator. 100 divided by 8 is 12.5

18=-LRB- ************************) ×100100=-LRB- ***********) ×1100=-LRB- **************************).5100=-LRB- **************************).5%

Ex 2: The best ways to Transform the portion '1/25'to portion.

Sol: We increase both numerator and denominator by100 100 divided by 25 is 4.

'1/25= 1/25xx 100/100= 100/(25xx100) = 4/00=4% '

Ex 3: The best ways to Transform 33 1/4 to portion.

Sol: First we transform the combined portions to inappropriate portions and after that to portion

'33(1/4) = ((33xx 4) +1)/ 4 '' =-LRB-132+1)/ 4 = 133/ 4 '

Now we transform 133/ 4 to portion

'133/ 4 xx 100/100= 133 xx 100/ 4 xx 1/100= 133 xx 25 %' = 3325%

Ex: 4 A class has 40 students.Out of that 25 are young boys and staying are ladies. Discover exactly what portion of the class is boys.Also offer the response in portion of young boys and ladies in the class.

Sol: Overall variety of trainees in the class is 40

Variety of young boys is 25

Portion of young boys is '25/40= 5/8 '

Portion of ladies is '15/40= 3/8 '

Portion of young boys is '5/8 xx 100/100= 5 xx 12.5 %' =-LRB- ******************).5%

Portion of ladies is '3/8 xx 100/100= 3 xx 100/ 8 xx 1/100= 3xx125% '=-LRB- *********************).5%

Ex 5: A basket has fruits. one 3rd is apples, 2 thirds is oranges.Find the portion of each fruit.

Sol: Apples is one third='1/3 '

Oranges is 2 3rd='2/3 '

Portion of apples='1/3 xx 100/100= 100/ 3 xx 1/100= 33.33% '

Portion of oranges='2/3 xx 100/100= 2 xx 100/ 3 xx 1/100= 2 xx3333% '=-LRB- *****************).66%

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