4 Tips For Resolving Security Video camera Issues

Security video cameras can be as bothersome or simple to utilize and set up as you make them. Let ' s check out a few of the most typical issues connected with security video cameras and ways to rapidly resolve them.

My Security Video camera Lens Will not Focus

The most typical error that is seen when installing a lens to a CS install electronic camera is forgetting to get rid of the C install adapter ring. When you acquire a CS/ C install electronic camera it will normally include an adapter ring to permit a C install lens to be utilized. If this ring is still present on the electronic camera when you install your CS lens; you will not have the ability to focus your electronic camera due to its ease of access to obtain close enough to the CCD imager. Basically; get rid of the ring.

My Bullet Design Security Video camera Is Misting Up

When this occurs it is normally due to moisture entering into the glass covering of the security electronic camera. A fast possible repair for this is to utilize a little Rain-Ex on the within and beyond your glass covering.

To be able to obtain into your glass covering simply make certain to eliminate your sunshield (if suitable), loosen completion cap (monitor the O-ring), and use the Rain-Ex to the glass. Make certain you do this in a cooler location with low humidity to make sure you get the very best possible result.

Security Video camera Video Disturbance & & Tearing

If you have actually installed your security video cameras just to discover you have a distorted or tear image; you might have exactly what is called ground loop disturbance. This is a difficult scenario to anticipate, however a rather easy repair. We will not enter into the technical information of exactly what is occurring, however suffice it to state you are getting disturbance in between your power and video signal. To resolve this you have to purchase a ground loop isolator like the 15- GL01to cancel this disturbance and repair your video.

Quick Security Video camera Mounting Solutions

Ever had to install your security electronic camera someplace where drilling a hole or screwing in an install is not practical? A couple of kinds of installs to remember for numerous surface areas consist of magnetic installs, sticker label installs, or suction cup installs.

A magnetic install is simply as it sounds and supplies a magnetic connection to your electronic camera. This will assist you set up a security electronic camera onto a variety of metal surface areas.

A sticker label install utilizes a double sided sticker label to protect your electronic camera to surface areas such as glass. These installs can normally hold lower weight security video cameras.

A suction cup install is made primarily for installing video cameras to automobile glass applications. These installs can just hold lower weight security video cameras as much as about 3 pounds.


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